Bone token( Bone )

  • Name: Bone
  • Ticker: BONE
  • Blockchain: Ethereum
  • Total supply: 1,000,000,000
  • Exchange:
  • DogData Reserve 100%
  • Pairs: USDT BTC ETH

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EtherBone( ETHBN )

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Market Making


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Snaptrad Exchange


  • Name: EtherBone
  • Blockchain: Ethereum
  • Ticker: ETHBN
  • Pairs: USDT
  • Total Supply: 1,000,000,000
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Technology partners:

The solutions are powered by EtherBones

MVP Solutions

A Dogs Life the series....

  • 2019Q1
  • Token model development
  • Market research development
  • Team development
  • DogData.CH homepage design
  • 2019Q4
  • DogData.CH website launch
  • Team development
  • Mobile app development
  • Digital DogID design
  • Facebook page builder
  • 2020Q1
  • DogExpert blog development
  • Launch Smart Dog Sale Contract MVP
  • DogDate Mobile app MVP in AppStore and Play
  • Round 1 seed investment completed
  • Develop DogData blockchain Explorer
  • EtherBone ETHBN smart contract on Etherscan
  • Create GTM plan
  • 2020Q2
  • DNAHunter Dog Breed finder. (AI) MVP
  • EtherBone IEO (ETHBN)
  • P2p completed Smart Dog Sale contract welfare milestone token rewards MVP
  • DogExpert READ. ASK and ANSWER P2p tokenized knowledge exchange MVP
  • 2020Q3
  • Launch DogData blockchain
  • Launch Dog owner user profile
    . platform Wallet
    . DogID management
  • Launch tokenised sponsored street Dog Feeding
  • Launch Dog block QR blockchain access Dog collar
  • BONE Dog life data token launch
  • BONE token listing
  • Rabies vaccination Blockchain retailer partnerships
  • Launch 4Dogs suggestive marketplace ( AI ) MVP
  • DNAHunter Breeding Algorithm ( AI )
  • ETHBN second exchange listing
  • 2020 Q42021 Q1
  • Dog sales using
    . smart contract
    . erc721
    . (ETHBN) cryptocurrency
    . (BONE) QR Token
  • Dog Data machine learning starts
  • Facebook DogPage builder
  • Puppy Police virtual pet watch
  • BestinInShow Exhibiting Algorithm (AI)
  • DogsOnTour Accommodation Marketplace
  • DogTaxi Travel Marketplace
  • 2021 Q22021 Q4
  • DogShow entry through social media and Mobile app
  • Insurance marketplace
  • Dog Breeding Industry Business management software
  • Dog Groomers Work cam
  • Online Virtual DogShows
DogData is a team of industry experts with over 100 years’ experience. Every week we are producing, working at, supervising or managing parts and aspects of CACIB, CAC, AKC, Kennel Club or FCI dog shows. Many of us have more than 20 years in the industry on the ground experience. The core team has been explanded with proven functional area experts with experience in building and operating customer focused technology driven businesses in complex market environments
Richard Dene Hill CEO/CMO
Thomas Melchior CFO
Ksenia ObukhovaCOO Listing
Maria GorskayaDesigner UI/UX
Dennis RogovskiCLO
Vignesh MWebsite Development Manager
Attila SchlosserIndustry lead Advisor
Sheng FuLaiBiometric Technology Developer
Dmitry SericEDI developer
Stuart AtkinsonMobile app CTO
Mohana SundaramBlockchain CTO
Hafiz AhamedSenior UI Developer
Veera SarmaMEAN Stack Developer
Thirupathi AMEAN Stack Developer
Alexander VujicComunity Manager
Tivere LouisaCommunity Manager
Vincent HoganMedia Partner
Vu Viet AnhVietnamese Community Manager
Sharp (Maple) YeChinese Community Manager
Yurii DrozdRussian Community Manager
Evans BomaAfrica Community Manager
Rey-an GracePhillippines Community Manager/Growth Hacker
Arben CenaCommunication and digital marketing analysis SubReddit master
Ivy SambhoContent Writer
Uros MihailovicLinkedIn Community Manager
Sergei LesnikovDiscord Manager
WapinterBounty Detective
Full Team